Group Project created for Scream Jam.

Created by:

 Barrington Scott - Programmer/Environmental Sprites.

 Kireh Reevey - Characters Sprites, Title Screens.

Abanoub Fanous - Sounds & Music.


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Definitely an interesting concept, good work :)


The wild mob, armed with torches and pitchforks, chased the block-headed creature from the town and into the wilderness. It was aberrant, they said, a thing not of nature, an infiltration of man unto creation. It fled into the forest and sought refuge in a chapel, but the crowd did not abate, and on it stumbled to seek a place of greater safety. Was there no solace in this place?  


Needs more of them Delicious Pumpkins. Was Nice, at first wasn't sure if I could double jump on the second stage. But after dying a few times I got it.